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Arapahoe Libraries Board of Trustees

The Arapahoe Libraries Board of Trustees is appointed by the Arapahoe County Commissioners and the Deer Trail School Board, the two governmental entities that formed the District in 1966. The Arapahoe Libraries serves all of Arapahoe County except the cities of Littleton, Englewood and Aurora. It also serves a small portion of Adams County that is within the Deer Trail School District. 

The Library Board of Trustees is a governing, policy making board. Below you will find a summary of the powers and duties of the Board as described in Colorado Statutes. The Board is responsible for a $25 million budget, 8 facilities, and the policies for funding and operating these facilities. 

The time commitment for trustees is substantial.  The Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month from approximately 5:30 - 8 p.m. or 8 – 9:30 a.m. (Dates and times are occasionally changed.) Meetings are scheduled on a rotating basis at the various District libraries.  In addition to the 2-4 hours of reading to prepare for each meeting, trustees must also commit to attending quarterly study sessions, and occasional workshops, conferences and related meetings. 

Besides your time and interest in libraries, the most important qualification is a sincere commitment to provide the best possible library service to the residents of the entire District.  Applicants must live within the boundaries of the Arapahoe Library District.  Applicants may not have relatives employed by Arapahoe Libraries.  Qualified applicants will be given an opportunity to meet with representatives of the Library Board before an appointment recommendation is made to the Arapahoe County Commissioners and the Deer Trail School Board. 

Interested persons who wish to serve on the Arapahoe Libraries Board of Trustees should fill out the online application by clicking the "Apply" button below.

Applications must be received by March 27, 2015 at 4:00 pm.


The Board of Trustees shall:

  1. Adopt such bylaws, rules, and regulations for its own guidance and policies for the governance of the library as it deems expedient.
  2. Have custody of all property of the library, including rooms or buildings constructed, leased, or set apart.
  3. Employ a director and, upon the director's recommendation, employ such other employees as may be necessary.
  4. Submit annually a budget as required by law and certify to the legislative body of the governmental unit or units that the library serves the amount of the mill levy necessary to maintain and operate the library during the ensuing year; (In library districts, adopt a budget and make appropriations for the ensuing fiscal year as set forth in part 1 of article 1 of title 29, C.R.S., and have exclusive control and spending authority over the disbursement of library funds as set forth in section 24-90-112 (2) (a).
  5. Accept such gifts of money or property for library purposes as it deems expedient.
  6. Hold and acquire land by gift, lease, or purchase for library purposes.
  7. Lease, purchase, or erect any appropriate building for library purposes and acquire such other property as may be needed.
  8. Sell, assign, transfer, or convey any property of the library, whether real or personal.
  9. Borrow funds for library purposes by means of a contractual short-term loan when moneys are not currently available but will be in the future. Such loan shall not exceed the amount of immediately anticipated revenues, and such loan shall be liquidated within six months.
  10. Authorize the bonding of persons entrusted with library funds.
  11. In the case of any library district, conduct an annual audit of the financial statements of the district.
  12. Adopt a policy for the purchase of library materials and equipment on the recommendation of the librarian.
  13. Hold title to property given to or for the use or benefit of the library, to be used according to the terms of the gift.
  14. Have the authority to enter into contracts.
  15. Maintain a current, accurate map of the legal service area and provide for such map to be on file with the state library.


If you need assistance to complete an application please call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279) or email

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